Company Designs combine the benefits of the Custom Molded shells' anatomically-correct fit into a generic, less expensive version. All saddles are constructed once we determine which design lay-up will work best for you. Shells are either carbon fiber or a mix of Kevlar and other composite materials used to assist the factors that will determine your design. Your weight, sit bone width, riding style and even rail position are all taken into consideration when designing a proper saddle. These factors will help address specific issues that past saddles have given and ensure the saddle is customized in a way no other saddle or company can offer. The Company Designs, which do not require a custom mold from the customer, can be ordered from our e-mail order page or by phone. We are more than happy to speak directly with you to answer questions or concerns regarding a proper saddle design.

  Has a narrower shaped back end for maneuvering on and off the saddle easier and a slgihtly wider nose to transfer weight more comfortably during ascents. The shell has a combination of kevlar and carbon fibre to be sure it can withstand aggressive riding.
Available with 6 or 9mm high resistance foam, Lorica Top Cover or Carbon Fibre finish. All options include 6mm titanium rails. Measurements are 127mm x 275mm

  The MTB-L shares materials and design with the MTB Saddle, with the exception of the dimensions, which are 140mm x 288mm giving it a wider support area.
All options for MTB Saddle are also available on MTB-L Saddle.

  This saddle has one purpose in mind. It is to withstand a trainwreck. Made with a 3mm Carbon Fibre and Kevlar shell lay-up and 6 or 8mm Titanium Rails creating an exceptionally durable design. Comes standard with 6, 9 or 12mm high-resistance foam padding with lorica top covering, or for the brave souls, a straight carbon-fibre finish.
Measurements are 135mm x 300mm

  These saddles are lighter in design lay-ups. They consist of straight carbon-fibre shells to minimize weight. Finishing options include carbon-fibre finish, 3mm or 6mm padding with Lorica Top Cover.
Racing Saddle Measurements are 130mm x 290mm and 6mm titanium rail.
Road Saddle Measurements are 140mm x 290mm and 6mm titanium rail.

  Also designed with a ligher shell layup, these saddles have an accomodative contour in the nose for added comfort while in the aerobar position. It may be finished with naked carbon-fibre, or 6mm gel foam padding iwth lorica top cover.
Saddle Measurements are 138mm x 280mm and 6mm titanium rail.