Cedesius has designed a saddle shape using the technology and principles found in the field of prosthetics and orthotics. And along with it's own research done with custom molding, this knowledge is used to create a superior anatomical fit to maximize comfort, health concerns, and performance.

When we look at past saddle deigns and how the weight of the rider is distributed over the entire surface of the saddle, it causes problems. But the reason behind the designs do not go unnoticed. Having such a narrow platform to work with high performance saddles doesn't leave a lot of room to sit on. This means using to whole area of the saddles surface will reduce pressure over the entire body that comes in contact with the saddle. Having even pressure means the least amount of pressure in one specific area. This makes sense only if the areas of the body are equal in sensitivity to weight. But they are not. Some solutions is to use extra padding or cut outs that soften or eleviate pressure. While this may help, solutions to one problem end up causing others. Extra padding, if not placed in the proper areas, can be forced from area of high contact into more sensitive ones causing excessive pressure. It also can prevent the shell of the saddle to support the riders position and allow rocking of the pelvis. This robs power and forces other muscles to fight the motion and strain more easily. Cut outs can also cause softer more sensitive tissue to be squeezed and move into the opening causing pinching. So knowing what we know anatomically speaking, we need to utilize these area's more effectivly. The sit bones need to bare most of the weight because that is what they are designed to do naturally. The perineum on the other hand needs to have pressure reduced to a point where it is not going to cause damage. We will always feel contact in that area but the key is not to excessivly feel pressure. By now, there is no secret why excessive pressure and repetitive numbness in this area during riding needs to be avoided. It can lead to serious medical issues in both men and women causing scare tissue to accumulate and restrict these tiny vessels causing blood flow to impede or cease all together. By addressing these major areas, we are able to utilize the conversing areas of the saddle to produce a more anatomically correct design which naturally agrees with the body.

By using this as a back bone for all of our company designs, we can now look at factors to customize the saddle specifically for each rider. The first factor is the riders weight. We use this to construct a shell that will determine the proper flex/support ratio to ensure a comfortable but supportive ride. The second is the sit bone width. Because we are utilizing the sit bone area to bare most of the weight, the area needs to be as great as possible in order to distribute the weight over the entire area as to reduce the pressure as much as possible. And because sit bones are naturally designed to bare weight, we can put the pressure on them and they will adapt accordingly without fear of health concerns. The third is riding syle. This usually only comes into play if there is specific issues that have been noticed during a certain position and plays a major role in discomfort. The company designs will more than likley address most common issues. Fourth is the padding preference. Padding can be chosen in a vary of thicknesses depending on the riders needs. A straight carbon shell is highly recommended as it puts the least amount of material between the rider and the saddle. Minimizing the material means less of a chance that chafing will occur. However, it does not come recommanded if the rider has never tried a straight carbon saddle. And finally rail position. Again, this factor may only come into play if most all other saddles have given a problem with the adjustment length which then can be easily accounted for with a made to order design.

Once we have determined a saddle design that will work best for you, we now can look at the best materials to construct it with. Carbon fibre has been a leading, cutting edge material in cycling for the past 15 years. Using this material has great bennifits due to it's stiffness to weight ratio. Combining this with other compostites and the proper matrix resin will ensure an excellent material that will maximize all of the properties and remain in optimal condition for the lifetime of the saddle. A matrix material that is common in most saddles today is of the thermoplastic type. Thermoplastic resins require a break-in period and remain in optimal condition for a comparatively brief period before they begin to break-down leading to an inconsistent feel and loss of performance. This can become expensive for the rider if they wish to replace a saddle once it has lost its integrity. Cedesius saddles use thermoset resins which are much more resiliant in the way that break down and fatigue is nearly non existant. Composites that use thermoset resins can withstand numerous cycles within it's normal range of movement without failure and resist deformation. This means the saddle will remain in the original condition for it's life duration which is a great advantage to the rider that finds a saddle with all of the features that work. The downside to thermosets is the durability to impact and catistrophic failure due to over stressing the material. If durability is a key design feature needed in a saddle, than we can incorporate other composites such as kevlar and other high performance fibers to ensure to will be able to handle the abuse.

The padding material is a 15-20 durometer orthopeadic grade EVA foam which exhibits a high resistance to packing out. It will conform to the body and compress about 20% so it breaks in a bit but just enough to mold to the sit bones. It comes in the three thicknesses of 6mm, 9mm or 12mm. The 3mm padding is of a different grade that will not pack down and conform at all. All saddles that are padded are then outfitted with a Lorica covering.

In conclusion, we understand that the saddle market is very tight and compeditive. Our goal is to establish a personal connection with the rider that has had little success with prior saddles to create something that is one of a kind and customized to their needs and issues. This of course will not get us millons of sales, but it allows us to use our time more effectively to focus on the quality and customization of the saddle . We pride ourselves on these objectives and it is something that we feel sets us apart from and above all other saddles on the market today.

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